Banquets at 'The Thinnai'

Tasteful elegance charms you at the 'Mangalam' Banquet Hall where the fondest memories are made amongst friendly faces, and professional ideas are born amidst star-class facilities.

'Mangalam' epitomizes 'celebrations', 'good fortune', auspicious in Tamil, and the hall, which bears the symbol of good fortune, provides the perfect setting for those auspicious moments in life where only the best will do. The venue is ideal for weddings, Receptions, Arangetrams, Corporate functions, and Birthday parties to name a few. We customize and personalize every function according to your taste, so that it becomes a truly a memorable occasion.

Navaratnam means nine precious gems, and each gem is linked to the nine planets of Vedic astrology. These gems bring good health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. The Mangala Virundhu (Auspicious Feasts) consists of nine carefully created menus to choose from, with each one of them named after the precious gems of the Navaratnam.

Komedhaham (Hessonite)- The Ascending Lunar Node, is found mainly in Sri Lanka or India. The menu that bears this name is non-vegetarian, comprising an assortment of mouthwatering dishes from seafood, to international and South Indian cuisine.

Muththu, (The Pearl) - The Moon that sheds light in the night sky. The corresponding menu is a non-vegetarian amalgamation of South Asian dishes and Jaffna cuisine that will please any palate.

Pavalam (Red Coral) - The Planet Mars. This menu is unique in its own right, just like the coral it is named after, with vegetarian dishes that are absolutely delightful.

Marahatham (Emerald) - Mercury. The menu that bears this name offers 'green' dishes as exquisite as the emerald, serving vegetarian cuisine that aims to please.

Putparaham (Yellow Sapphire) - Jupiter. This menu is yet another vegetarian option that includes tasty rasam among other dishes that also boasts North Indian fare.

Neelam (Blue Sapphire) - Saturn. This menu serves up some tasty non-vegetarian dishes that range from Pasta to Jaffna Curries and more.

Maanikkam (Ruby) - 'Suryan' or the Sun. The non-vegetarian menu that bears this name, is as indulgent as the Ruby, combining Jaffna flavours with hints of international cuisine.

Vaiduriam (Cat's Eye) - The Descending Lunar Node. The menu with this title serves vegetarian cuisine that includes both Jaffna dishes and some international fare.

Vairam (Diamond) - Venus. The corresponding non-vegetarian menu reflects the opulence of this coveted stone, offering myriad dishes for the discerning palate.

The Mangalam is well equipped, with a stage that can be individually configured, a state-of-the-art sound system, an overhead projector and a lectern. The lighting is adjustable to set the mood, and seating can be adjusted to match individual needs.

The Mangalam at The Thinnai is a perfect blend of tradition, contemporary charm and modern facilities where fond memories can be made and relived for a lifetime.