The Thinnai Organic Farm

Harmony With Nature

With rich red soil nurturing a variety of fruit and lush green vegetables, The Thinnai Organic Farm truly epitomises the phrase 'In Harmony with Nature.' Located just fifteen minutes away from the hotel it helps bring fresh produce daily to our guests' plates for a truly farm to plate experience.

Occupying an area of approximately ten acres the farm grows all of its produce without the use of any chemical pesticides and fertilisers. It is purely organic and uses entirely natural materials and methods for its crops.

The ecology of our precious planet Earth is rapidly being eroded due to large scale chemical based farming. It is encouraging to see there is a growing awareness of this and that there is a gradual but slow shift to farms such as ours.

It is this erosion of our precious ecology that has motivated us to establish two firm philosophies. We firmly believe that our precious environment must be protected. Secondly we believe that the local community must be encouraged and supported. To ensure these philosophies are adhered to, the farm is fully managed by the hotel. Simply put the hotel does not buy organic produce from outside.