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Guests staying at The Thinnai can visit Thinnai Organic and enjoy several unique activities and meals prepared from freshly harvested produce. The focal point of all Thinnai Organic guest experiences is The Saantham Experience center

Farm Stay

Thinnai Organic provides two kinds of accommodation for its guests, with comfortable furnishing to provide a restful guest experience. The Pasumai is a farmhouse with two bedrooms, a living room, two attached washrooms, a kitchen and a thinnai, whilst the Marutha Manai is a farm room with an attached washroom and a thinnai. Guests staying at The Thinnai can extend their stay in Jaffna for a unique farm-stay experience.


Guests staying at the farm or visiting for the day can enjoy ‘As fresh as it gets’ menus and juices. Collect your own fresh eggs, vegetables, fruit and even milk and the kitchen will put together a meal for you.

Feel The Need For Energy?

Pick fruit, vegetables and herbs from Thinnai Organic’s expansive gardens and make your own pick-me-upper. Need some protein? No problem, Thinnai Organic will get it in for you from its livestock farm nearby and prepare it while you relax reading a book in one of the Gazebos. Feel like some fish? Catch one yourself in our pond and our kitchen will prepare it for you.

Bonding Activities

Guests can participate in several activities organized by our farm animators, specially created to alleviate our guests’ spirits through fellowship with friends and loved ones. Be the first to find all the herbs in our ‘Herb Hunt’ and ‘Veg hunt’ games. Enjoy a relaxing game of croquet on the farm’s expansive lawns. Learn to cook a complete Jaffna meal as a part of our Culinary adventures with guidance from Thinnai Organic’s expert kitchen staff and earn a prize for ‘Best Cook.’ Be the first to catch a fish and to cook it in our ‘Fish to Dish’ game. Be a farmer for a day, prepare the soil, weed, sow some seeds under the expert guidance of our farm animators…


Guests can enjoy a cross-country trek accompanied by our farm guides starting from The Thinnai or Thinnai Organic for a healthy and refreshing trek along several scenic routes. There are several scenic routes to choose from with some include a stop for a meal in a village home as well as a walk to Kaithady to spend time in Thinnai Flora

Just For Kids:

  • Feed the cows, goats and chickens
  • Collect cow or goat milk, give it to the kitchen and get your own fresh milkshake made.
  • Pick up drawing materials from the reception at the Saantham Experience Center and let out the artist in you.
  • Walk up and down the Thulaa (traditional well) and learn how water was drawn from wells in a bygone era.
  • Pick up a handicraft pack, make native jewelry, color a picture or paint a temple mask.
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