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Beach Yoga

'The Thinnai' All suites Boutique Hotel in Jaffna appreciates the many benefits of yoga and is an advocator of the practice that gives so many the wholesome results they crave. With the increasing demand for yoga instructors in the North, the hotel provides the ideal setting with yoga at the hotel as well as on Chaaty Beach to follow this art in a backdrop of peaceful, lush surroundings that soothes the eye and calms the mind. The Thinnai's specialized wellness packages drawn up with the wellness vacationer in mind, can be customized to suit individual requirements and provides the holistic wellness experience which is now a part of many travelers' itineraries.

Derived from 'Yuj', the Sanskrit word for 'unite or integrate',Yoga is an avenue to harmonizing the body and mind. It is a practice that paves the way for a healthier lifestyle where the mind remains unperturbed by the chaos of a busy world, and allows the body to reap the benefits of a sound and restful psyche. Breathing techniques and postures enable this wonderful healing process that dates back 5000 years to ancient India. While the art has been perfected and revitalized through the years, it ventured to the forefront of modern-day living in the western world, in the 1980's. Yoga practices are an amalgamation of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Dharma, and many consider it to deliver the best of life that is free of pain and discontent. In Sri Lanka, a country that lays claim to people of both Hindu and Buddhist religions, yoga is widely recognized for its benefits. Jaffna, the northernmost part of the island is the home of Hinduism in the island where the meditative practice of yoga is both taught and indulged in as a way of life.

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