Holidaying in Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s Northern-most area would have been a dream to most people eight years ago. The peninsula that was so worn down, so unreachable, is now a bustling, beautiful and lively town.

Better yet, is the fact that today, visitors have a wonderful place to stay and call it ‘home’ while they are visiting the area- The Thinnai, the only All-Suite Boutique Hotel to have come up in the newly developing town. And there’s so much to do and see during this time, that the hotel is almost like a lighthouse amidst it all, allowing for easy access to all the places where you wish to go sightseeing.

Yes, there are the usual haunts that people love to see, like the Nallur Kovil, the bottomless well of Nilavarai, the Jaffna Fort, the Royal Palace Ruins and so on, but one place you can bet is not on most conventional itineraries, is a jaunt to the vicinity of the Chaaty Beach.

Situated 23 km North of the Jaffna town, the Chaaty Beach is a beautiful stretch of the white sandy coast, shaded by Palmyrah and coconut trees. The Thinnai goes one step further, and takes you to their property on this popular beach, where you can spend the day relaxing with a scrumptious picnic packed by the generous hotel staff, or partaking of their mouthwatering sundown barbeque events as the skies greet the serene twilight under the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean.

This is also the perfect place to organize your very own private family reunions or evening party- there is ample space – the property boasts an area of 4 to 6 acres – and the atmosphere is unparalleled. The Thinnai is happy to provide transportation from the hotel, and what’s more, you can even make a fun event of it, and ask the hotel to prepare their bullock carts to take you from the venue to the beach in exciting style!

Nothing beats an adventurous holiday that differs from the usual agendas and boring old meet-ups. The Thinnai knows that if you made the journey to Jaffna, you want to be treated extraordinarily. So, why not indulge? It’s just another one of those unique gifts from The Thinnai….