What a wonderfully blissful place Jaffna is! With each visit to Sri Lanka’s North, one is even more amazed at the positive differences to be experienced and enjoyed.

One such novelty came with a visit to The Thinnai- a new All Suite Boutique Hotel, which commenced operations mid 2017. Speaking to the very hospitable Front Office Staff revealed a great deal of information. They knew exactly where the most visited tourist attractions were and what would best entertain a repeat visitor. And this time, it was the hotel’s own horticulture farm located on the A9 highway in Kaithady.

The floriculture farm – Thinnai Flora, is just twenty minutes away from the hotel’s organic farm, Thinnai Organic. Having already visited the latter and being extremely happy with what we saw, Thinnai Flora now piqued our interest. The farm houses various varieties of flowering plants such as Jasmine, Gerbera and Rose among others, providing a riot of color and feast for the senses at first glance.
Amidst all this beauty, there was more to be enjoyed. The venue has its own butterfly garden, which attracts native butterflies of the North, simply because plants that draw these species are grown on the farm. It was like a picture fairytale come to life with the sights, sounds and smells of such colorful flora and fauna.

More pleasing sights drew us in – the farm also comprised beehives for pollination, where also fresh honey derived from these is used to satisfy guest requirements at The Thinnai hotel and The Thinnai Organic Farm.

What a unique experience for guests to indulge in; certainly, it is such out-of-the-box thinking that probably draws as many guests as the hotel has seen to this day. It makes one wonder what exciting things are in the pipeline for the hotel!