Gone are the days when people traveled to just sightsee, shop and taste exotic cuisine. Chaotic lifestyles push people to look for better ways of relaxation, and now, most holidays are about the opportunity to rejuvenate, to free the body and soul of all pollutants, and regroup.

Yoga is easily the best way to do that.  It is a cleansing from within by becoming one with our senses and surroundings. The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ and allows for a greater awareness of self through one’s joining with the universe.

To practice yoga, one cannot just begin willy-nilly. The perfect atmosphere of peace and tranquility is vital for the healing process, and it is such a location that travelers often look for in a beautiful country like Sri Lanka.  While the coastal areas are dotted with many ayurveda spa hotels and retreats that also offer yoga as part of their healing programs, there is, quite often, the traveler that desires the whole package, of not just healing, but also a memorable vacation with all the frills. Well, if you make a trip to Jaffna is the north of the country you’ll find all this and more. Lovely scenery, peaceful surroundings, knowledgeable people, and the home of yoga in Sri Lanka: all provided in one place.

In fact, a recently opened An All-Suite boutique hotel, The Thinnai, is the ideal setting to enjoy such a wholesome vacation in Jaffna. The hotel offers a luxurious stay, along with organically grown food, package excursions to see the many sights of Jaffna, and also the peace of mind that comes with a total cleansing of the mind and body through customized yoga programs.

They understand the intricacies of traditional yoga as hailing from Hinduism, Buddhism and Jain Dharma, and inculcate the practices handed down through generations into their yoga programs. Recognizing that yoga is not just about a few poses and exercises, they take time to listen to the needs of their guests before recommending a program. Conducted amidst breathtaking surroundings and complemented by nutritious homegrown meals, the yoga programs at The Thinnai is a refreshing change from the other myriad packages that pay lip service to the tradition.

So if you are visiting Sri Lanka, make sure that Jaffna is one of your stops in the island, because now there’s more than a few reasons to spend some time here….