Looking for an extraordinary venue to celebrate a momentous occasion in Jaffna would usually be a herculean task. Thankfully, things are changing. The peninsula is indeed beautiful, and is now rapidly developing in a way that capitalizes on its natural resources. Along these lines, the only All-Suite Boutique Hotel to open its doors in Jaffna, The Thinnai, is bringing new and exciting times to its guests. The hotel is a unique choice for any event that reaches beyond the ordinary.

So now, celebrating a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary, or even holding a business seminar or conference in Jaffna is a worry-free undertaking. The Thinnai’s ‘Mangalam’ Banquet Hall is a tasteful venue that has it all. ‘Mangalam’ meaning ‘celebration’ in Tamil lives up to its name every possible way.

The menus offered at the Mangalam Banquet Hall are exceptional. You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when they are set before you as there are nine – yes, nine, to choose from. They are each named after the Navaratne precious stones, which are connected with the nine planets used in Vedic astrology.  The term is coined using the word ‘Nava’ meaning ‘nine’, and ‘ratna’ meaning ‘gem’ in Sanskrit. The stones are considered auspicious and their wearers believe them to bring good health, while symbolizing prosperity, happiness and peace of mind.

Building on these beliefs, each menu bears the name of one of the Navaratne precious stones, namely, Komedhaham (Hessonite), Muththu (Pearl), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Maanikkam (Ruby), Marahatham (Emerald), Putparaham (Yellow Saphhire), Vaiduriam (Cat’s Eye), Pavalam (Red Coral), and Vairam (Diamond). Each banquet menu has been carefully created with dishes that pay tribute to the value represented by its titular stone, and each is unique in its own right. Guests are thus able to select between vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus that offer a wide variety of dishes and cuisines, from traditional Jaffna fare to South Indian dishes and international culinary delights.

To make a good thing better, the staff at The Thinnai are ever ready to please, and are happy to accommodate almost any request. In fact, they even offer tailor made solutions to their guests who wish to use the Hall for an event.

So Jaffna really does have it all and it’s safe to say that any event held at The Thinnai is value for money that will ease the stress of planning and spending.

But when all is said and done, you can’t really put a price on great memories, now can you?