The end of May and the month of June will afford visitors to Jaffna a sight to behold as the Festival at the Inuvil Kandasamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, gets underway.

This is a colorful festival where thousands of Hindu devotees flock to pay obeisance to Lord Murugan. the younger son of Lord Shiva, the main and most revered deity in Hinduism. The almost month-long festivities, which begin on 30th May with the hoisting of the temple flag, ends on 24th June and are rife with rituals and customs that are truly awe-inspiring.

Temple festivals such as these usually see many devotees walk on hot coals, hang from hooks that pierce their skin, and do many more difficult rituals as a vow for various requests made to Lord Murugan. The festival also culminates with a beautiful procession when devotees draw a chariot with the statue of Lord Murugan presiding.

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