A tremendous part of the allure of a trip to beautiful Jaffna is its attractive beaches. Coupled with the absolutely gorgeous weather that blesses the peninsula almost all year round, Jaffna becomes irresistible as a holiday destination to the avid traveller.

Probably one of the most famous beaches in the north of Sri Lanka is Casuarina Beach. Deriving its name from the surrounding casuarina trees that gently sway in the refreshing breeze, the sea is calm and shallow, inviting any holidaymaker to a lazy swim that diminishes the heat of the day.

The beach is 27 km away from the Jaffna town and is situated on the karainagar island, which can be reached by the Ponnolai Causeway from the mainland. The drive to the beach is known for its stunning views and the sea itself is a hot spot for the locals to enjoy some fun and frolic. It is advisable to go early in the morning if you do plan to take a dip in the sea, as the beach tends to get crowded in the mid-day heat. And if you want to enjoy some time in the water away from the crowds, just talk to one of the boatman nearby who will be happy to row you out to a more secluded area for a nice swim, for a certain fee, of course!

Another stunning beach in Jaffna is KKS Beach. This beach is generally less crowded that Casuarina Beach and is a great place for families and large groups who would like some time under the sun and then a calm dip in the sea. Visitors to the beach generally like to stroll along the unspoiled coast and go boating and enjoy picnics. The location also provides splendid views of the KKS lighthouse and Naval Port. For those who love a whiff of the local life the fisheries harbor is also within sight, and one can enjoy a lovely time in the presence of the fishermen engaging in their livelihood.

15 km from Jaffna, surrounding the island of Kayts is also Charty Beach. The golden sands of the beach are a splendid place to lie under the sun, while the fringes of the beach are shaded by palmyrah trees. Stay at The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel in Jaffna and you can allow yourself to be enticed by a trip to Charty Beach organised by the hotel staff. They are pleased to prepare a barbeque at their very own property at Charty beach so that you can have a wonderful time with family and friends, and even celebrate a special occasion in style.

The Thinnai is also happy to arrange any trips you may wish to take to any of these beautiful beaches so that you can make the best of your holiday in Jaffna. So when staying at The Thinnai, this is just another wonderful facility of which you can avail yourself.

Jaffna possesses countless delights and its beaches are truly a pleasant surprise. Complemented by the warm hospitality of the northern people, the peninsula is a wonderful place to discover the secrets of a much-loved holiday destination.