Staying at one of the newest hotels in Jaffna- The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel, one is witness to some lovely customs and rituals observed by the Jaffna Tamils. One such event is a Hindu Wedding.

The hotel boasts of an excellent Banquet Hall that can accommodate 200 guests, and it really is one of the better options for a memorable wedding. The staff is attentive and the food, divine!

Weddings in Jaffna are a colorful affair with the ladies donning brightly colored sarees of silk, usually with gold borders or extravagant designs. The men wear traditional attire or western suits as they wish.

The ceremony itself is one filled with customs. The bride and the groom sit on a small dais while a priest performs the ceremony in front of a fire. The center of the wedding ceremony is a ‘thaali’ – a pendant attached to a cord that the groom ties with three knots around the bride’s neck. This symbolizes the ultimate connection between the couple. Following several symbolic rituals, the guests throw rice at the couple as an auspicious beginning in their new life.

While traditionally, wedding ceremonies were held in homes in Jaffna, now increasingly more and more families opt to celebrate their big day at a Wedding Reception Hall. The Thinnai is fast becoming a popular venue for weddings, because it contains the added benefit of being able to house the numerous overseas relatives that visit the island for memorable occasions such as these.

A comfortable feeling and homely atmosphere pervade The Thinnai, and with its open spaces and verandahs, it is easy to see why many people love staying here.