Is Sri Lanka on your list of Summer Vacation destinations? It should be! Not only is the island the perfect blend of Sun, Sand and Sea, but also offers travellers the other ‘C’ that should be included- Culture. The beautiful country is home to diverse races and religions and as a result, it is a melting pot of different and very unique cultures.

If you’re heading to Sri Lanka in July, then you’re in luck, because there are a few Hindu Kovil festivals that you may want to get a glimpse of. One such important festival is the Kathirkamam Kovil Festival on the 23rd of July. The Kovil or Temple, is one of the very few frequented by both the Hindus and Buddhists in Sri Lanka; the Buddhists refer to the temple as the ‘Kataragama Devalaya.’

Located in Southeastern Sri Lanka, the Tamil Hindus of the island pay obeisance to Lord Karthikeya Subramaniyam at this kovil. The deity, also known as Lord Murugan, was requested by Lord Indran to take to the battlefield on the final day of war to protect Lord Raman form the wrath of Brahmasthra. Needless to say, Lord Karthikeya subverted the threat to Lord Raman, by doing so.

The festival is a burst of color and sound as devotees gather at the Kovil to worship Lord karthikeyan. It is a glorious celebration of human spirit and godly endurance as devotees perform many rituals that even include walking on hot coals to please Lord Murugan.

This is just a taste of the cultural promise of Sri Lanka. While the country’s majority population is Sinhala Buddhist, the minority populations- the Muslims, Tamils and Burghers have an inspiring history in the island as well.

Now, with free access to any part of post-war Sri Lanka, many travelers are opting to make the once impossible journey to Jaffna in the North. Jaffna is a paradise of its own and the Tamil people who reside there are a testament to the resilience of the Sri Lankan people. Today it is so easy to enjoy a good holiday in Jaffna with the opening of new hotels in the area. Notable among these new establishments, is The Thinnai, which is an All-Suite Boutique Hotel. Comfortable, welcoming and brimming with Tamil culture and hospitality, you just can’t go wrong staying here.

The hotel offers the best of both worlds with access to many must-see places and the rest and relaxation of a luxurious holiday complete with good food, good company and good times. As a traveler, this summer should be all about Sri Lanka!