You’re in the sunny isle of Sri Lanka and wondering what to do and where to go- activities and places which make the entire family happy, mostly the kids. After all, there’s no denying that the little ones usually define the outcome of our vacations!

So, one of your best bets with the family would be to travel to Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s northernmost city, by train. While some prefer to make the 396 Km journey from Colombo by air, the train journey will offer you a wealth of scenery to enjoy as you make your way to the historic city. True, it will take longer- about 6 hours, but it will be a unique experience for the whole family.

What is the allure of Jaffna? Why would the kids like it? Well, there are many sights to see in the city and many tastes to indulge in. The children will especially like the warm and sunny beaches. Chaaty Beach is a popular spot for vacationers; the water is very shallow, and you can walk into the sea up to as much as 10 meters. It’s best to visit the beach in the early morning or in the evening though, as the sun can get scorching hot, and Jaffna is certainly known for its searing temperatures! Stay at The Thinnai- a brand new All Suite Boutique Hotel in Jaffna and you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. They organize super barbeque evenings on their own property at Chaaty Beach and ensure that guests have a good time with fun and music.

Love to sightsee? Take the family to visit the Nallur Kandasamy kovil, the oldest and most famous Hindu temple in Jaffna and let them see first-hand the proceedings that ensue. The bottomless well of Nilavarai will definitely be another hit with the children; the well is really like a small pond that is said to endless in depth, although some say it links up to the Keerimalai water springs of Jaffna at some point.  Many people love to swim in the blue-green waters of this well, and if you go on a regular day, the frolicking in the area is a sight to behold!

There’s also no need to worry about the comfort factor when visiting Jaffna. The entire family, even the kids, will be happy as long as you stay at The Thinnai, which comes highly recommended. Since you will be checking into a suite, it’s quite like being at home, with each family member able to enjoy his or her own personal space. The Thinnai is really the best when it comes to Jaffna life. The food is delicious, the accommodation is incomparable, and the service, excellent. In fact, ask the hotel staff about what more the kids can indulge in during their stay. The hotel is happy to hire bicycles for a lovely round of cycling, and can even help you draw up an itinerary that would satisfy those easily-bored teenage kids, or the somewhat choosy spouse! If all else fails, remember that some suites at the hotel are complete with a private plunge pool, so book accordingly, and slip in to let those cares slip away…..

Here’s hoping that you’re convinced about taking that trip to Jaffna….It really is a special place.