Having opened its doors to the public just recently, The Thinnai Hotel’s organic farm, Thinnai Organic is already a firm favorite among guests seeking to make memories in Jaffna.

Until the hotel and its organic farm began operations with its many unique features, there were very few options available in Sri Lanka’s northern city for tourists and local guests to meet with family and friends and celebrate important life events. Since the Saantham Experience Center began offering a range of attractive options for weddings, meetings, corporate events and so on in its natural and green surroundings, it has become a much sought-after venue amongst foreigners and locals alike.

Meaning ‘peace’ in Tamil, the Saantham Experience Center is really the epitome of tranquility. It is an open hall of around 435 square meters (4700 square feet), which is surrounded by a beautiful expanse of lawn and open spaces of over 2500 square meters (27,000 square feet) that can accommodate up to 500 guests. The picturesque greenery of fruits, vegetables, hillocks, lawns and a pond, which color the vistas meet the eye at every turn. Gazebos also dot the landscape for anyone who wishes to enjoy a little quiet time with friends, shielded from the elements. The Open Deck near the pond is another exquisite spot to reunite and relive those happy times over an easy chat and some tasty dishes.

The Center accommodates an open kitchen where culinary delights are prepared to mouthwatering perfection, having been sourced straight from the gardens in a complete farm-to-plate experience.

What’s more, you can even request to participate in the Culinary Experience of preparing a dish created from selected menus, guided by the adept chef at Saantham. In addition, you can also opt for the Dining Experience where you can observe the preparation of your meal as you enjoy some beverages and good conversation.

That’s not all. There is a lovely lounge on the first floor of Saantham, which overlooks the lush surroundings and provides a feast for the senses. It truly is an ineffable experience. The Arangaham open meeting room occupies the space atop the Saantham Center, along with a TV lounge and an Ayurveda Treatment Center. So, you have lots to do and much to enjoy!

And of course, what is an event without a stage? Take your place behind that mike for a memorable toast on the open-air stage that stands amidst the gardens. What a wonderful atmosphere in which to celebrate the marriage of a loved one, a special birthday or that corporate event that requires an extra special touch!

One thing is for certain: a visit to Thinnai’s Organic Farm will never be a dull experience, and celebrating happy times there makes it that much better….