Jaffna is a wonderful place for the discerning traveler. If there’s any place in the world that would totally gratify and intrigue the holidaymaker, it would be Jaffna.

Recent visits to the area in Sri Lanka’s north yielded some surprises. The place is booming post-war, and now a number of new establishments have come up, among them, beautiful new hotels. The Thinnai stands out from the pack- it is an All-Suite Boutique Hotel that aims to give every guest the best experience possible, of the Jaffna life.

The hotel is comfortable and easy on the eye, with delicious meals prepared to indulge and service that pleases. The Thinnai offers you total immersion in the experiences that make life worth living. What are those? Well, something that many guests love about the place is its Farm House – Pasumai, ‘The Thinnai Organic’ where you can be a part of nature and its bounty. At its core, the place is where organic fruits and vegetables are grown along with free-range poultry to be used in the hotel, but also, the Farm House has many facets to be experienced.

There are comfortably appointed rooms in two categories at the Farm House, which could be occupied by up to 12 guests at a time that allows for a peaceful stay.  Two-bedroom and one-bedroom accommodations are available, and both categories lay claim to queen size beds with attached bathrooms, while the two types of rooms vary in style holding design elements ranging from open verandahs to gazebos, access to the farm’s vegetable gardens and private gardens and so on. The calmness one feels there can be attributed to the absence of television sets in the bedrooms, although Bluetooth speakers have been made available to allow guests to listen to serene music.

A stay at the Farm House – Pasumai is a unique experience, but you don’t really have to stay overnight to be a part of what it has to offer. Even day-guests can enjoy picking fruit and vegetables to be prepared in the farm kitchen, fishing for one’s lunch or even picking your protein from the poultry farm to be cooked for that perfect afternoon meal. Milking the cows, feeding the chicken, collecting the eggs, and helping with the planting and weeding in the vegetable garden are all exciting activities open to guests.

One of the best experiences of the Farm House – Pasumai is that guests are able to take the vegetables and fruits they picked and assist with the cooking in the kitchen, watching the fresh produce transform into delightful dishes that will then be served up for the upcoming meal. It’s the perfect example of farm-to-plate dining.

There are also activities that the Farm House staff organize for guests to bond and enjoy each other’s company, such as the ‘Herb Hunt’ game and even Jaffna meal-cooking competitions, guided by the expert staff in the kitchen!

And if you’re not really into all that activity, there are also yoga facilities available in a secluded environment within the Farm House gardens, along with meditation and healthy eating to be enjoyed.

Furthermore, the Saantham Experience Center has various facilities for the guests to enjoy, but also caters to the little guests who may need some extra attention. The center facilitates the feeding of goats, cows and chicken by the kids, activities such as soap making, and even a walk to the Thulaa or traditional well to experience how water was drawn in times of old.

But, if your visit to The Thinnai is more a corporate one, that too, can be arranged with all necessary facilities. A Conference Room allows for meetings and workshops, while family or friend reunions can also take place with personalized service. The hotel’s slogan, ‘Rest, Relax, Reunite’, encompasses its main goals in what it wishes for its guests, and to this end, the staff is very personable and can be approached about any specific need you may have; they are usually happy to oblige guest requests.

So that long-awaited trip to Jaffna is that much more worth-it now with establishments like The Thinnai making it a pleasurable experience. So there’s nothing holding you back isn’t it? Start packing!