Have you ever thought about going to Jana? And then simply given up because the thought of just getting there and back was daunting enough? And once you settle the travel part of it the staying part became a challenge as well?

Well, let me tell you, things have come a long way in the last couple of years. There are many choices for getting there. The road is good, and my advice would be rstly to leave early morning if you are leaving from Colombo. Shoot for 3 or latest 4AM. Why this unearthly hour? For starters, if you leave at 4AM you will be in Jana by 10AM. At this ungodly hour, frankly you can cruise along at an unholy speed right up to Jana. There are a few routes to choose from in the map I have provided. My personal favorite is the second route.

If you don’t want to drive you have a few alternative options. You can get there by air, train or bus. The ight will set you back around US$ 200 for a round-trip from Colombo. Yes, you can pay similar dollar for a return ticket to most Southern cities in India! The next option is the train. 1st class comfortable padded seats in an air-conditioned compartment. What’s the catch you ask? It’s quite shaky right up to Vavuniya. But there is a daily 1st class express which will get you there by lunchtime and it will set you back just 20 dollars for a roundtrip. There are three more daily trains but keep in mind, no rst class on any of them.

The nal option is the bus. There are comfortable air-conditioned buses plying the road from Colombo daily. Some leave at night to get there early morning. Others leave early morning to get there by late afternoon. These buses will also set you back no more than 30 dollars for a roundtrip. Also, there are cheaper bus services available with proportionately less comfort the less you pay!

So, have I convinced you to go there? No? Oh yes, a place to stay. The best place by far is The Thinnai, a new boutique hotel that opened in August this year. What’s so special about it? They have only suites. Large, comfy one and two bedroom suites. So it’s like a home away from home. A hall, separate bedrooms, TVs in every room and big fridges. Some even have a kitchen with an induction cooker, a microwave oven and a toaster. You can cook your own breakfast and save some cash.

Have I convinced you now? Fantastic.