Lakshmi, the first milk cow to find her home on the organic farm at The Thinnai, grazes on the pasture, peacefully. She seems to realise her purpose, and seems happy and well looked-after.

It’s refreshing to know that hospitality now comes with a conscience. In Jaffna, the recently opened luxury boutique hotel, The Thinnai, lays claim to its own organic farm that produces most of the hotel guests’ meal requirements, allowing for fresh produce to reach the table each day.

What’s more, the farm also producers its own fresh milk that is used for all the dairy products made in-house. The cows that are reared for milk are fed on the most nourishing vegetation that is free of chemicals, thereby ensuring healthy, clean, and pollutant-free milk.

Any health-conscious person knows that it’s always best to go for the produce of small farms that are dedicated to quality, rather than large-scale farms that are more concerned with economies of scale and maximizing profits. Thankfully, The Thinnai is a firm believer in the former, and only the best milk and produce reach their guests.

So if you’re visiting Jaffna, a stay at The Thinnai has many advantages. Any hotel can offer luxury and comfort, but value-for-money that encompasses healthy living as part of their operational practices certainly gives you more reason to check in.