It’s a spectacular adventure, visiting Jaffna. The previously inaccessible north of Sri Lanka is now open to all to enjoy. And what beauty awaits! If you are undecided about making the trip, put your doubts to rest. It’s not an arduous experience as it was, back in the day. You can enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling trip that will be etched in memory for all time.

Accommodation is key when travelling to any country or place, and in Jaffna the latest luxury accommodation to welcome guests, is The Thinnai All-Suite Boutique Hotel. A venture by the Thinnaveli Property Developers, the hotel is not really a hotel, but a home away from home with beautifully-appointed suites and small ‘thinnai’s or verandahs, and balconies. There are various suite categories to select from, and no matter which one you choose, each comes with the same superior service and kind hospitality known among the people of Jaffna.

In the Vaalai category, the single bedroom suites, which can accommodate 4 guests (two adults & two children under twelve years of age), come with a verandah or balcony with a view of the courtyard. ‘Vaalai’ means banana leaf in Tamil; a huge leaf that is used to wrap a meal of rice and curry, giving it added taste. It also provides great shelter to anyone seeking refuge under it. The meaning behind these suites are clear then- its guests are able to draw that much more flavor out of their holiday as every comfort is available to them, and all in a safe and secure environment.

It is also noteworthy that this category of suites includes rooms for disabled guests as well, so everyone can enjoy a lovely time on holiday. The suites are furnished with all modern amenities, including LED tv’s and WiFi.

Another reason to take a whole cavalcade of friends with you on your trip is that The Thinnai can put up everyone. They have the two-bedroom suite category with the superior and deluxe rooms on offer. The Presidential suites are yet to open, and promises to be top-notch when they do.

These suites are very spacious and can easily accommodate up to 6 people (four adults & two children under twelve years of age). The Thaamarai suites, named after the beautiful lotus flower, are the superior suites, while the deluxe suites are named Nelli suites. Nelli is a bittersweet fruit found in Sri Lanka, and craved by the locals for its unique taste. Both the abundant beauty of the lotus flower and the unique taste of the Nelli fruit are represented in the two suite categories named after them. Each comes complete with a private garden, and a kitchen that includes an induction cooker so that you can cook anything you like between meals at the restaurants, and even a microwave oven and toaster. The suites, both superior and deluxe, are the epitome of luxury, with LED tv’s in each room, a spacious living room and also a large fridge for your convenience, among other amenities. It’s like you never left home at all!

So there’s really no excuse as to why you haven’t visited Jaffna yet. The Thinnai is ready and waiting….