There’s no better feeling than the security and warmth felt during Christmas time as you revel in the company of family and friends. In Sri Lanka, Christmas is close to everyone’s hearts, and even though the population is predominantly Buddhist, you’ll find the aura of the season permeating almost every corner of the country. While Colombo may be the hub of Christmas activities, you may serendipitously find that other parts of the country too, love to indulge in the joy of the season’s celebrations.

In fact, if you happen to be on a holiday itinerary and cannot be in Colombo for Christmas, Jaffna in Sri Lanka’s north will be just as good. Just book your stay at The Thinna All Suite Boutique Hotel, because this is where you will feel the Christmas spirit this season.

The hotel is beautifully decorated for the festivities and will serve up scrumptious Christmas cake that you can enjoy without the tedious bother of having to mix and make it yourself. And of course, the hotel also invites you to a fabulous Christmas Lunch that can only indulge you in the best way possible.

The Thinnai is really your home away from home this Christmas. The staff is friendly, the accommodation one of absolute comfort and an atmosphere complete with friendship and good cheer. Plan to invite family and friends over for a quick snack or a much-overdue get-together at the Saaral pub where you can catch up over one of their delicious cocktails while availing yourself of the discounts on offer. If you wish to be the graceful host or hostess, speak to the hotel about setting some special places for lunch or dinner at the Thulaa Restaurant or the Amudham Restaurant (the latter serves absolutely delectable authentic Jaffna cuisine).

However, if enjoying the peace and tranquility of the day is your idea of the perfect Christmas, then make sure to book a short stay at Thinnai Organic, the hotel’s own organic farm located just 20 minutes from the hotel. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the serenity of the organic gardens around you and the most healthy and delicious meals cooked up for your discerning palate with the freshest produce sourced from the gardens. Why not also catch some fish from the tank which is located at the farm and have them cooked just the way you like at the kitchen? The options for tasty and healthy meals here are myriad. Whatever you decide, Thinnai Organic can accommodate your request, be it for a quiet holiday on your own or a gathering of friends for a private and cozy meet-up complemented by comfortable accommodation and a unique dining experience.

It’s probably one of the most memorable Christmases you will have if The Thinnai is where you heart takes you this year. The hotel offers festive discounts on stays this season to make your holiday that much more special. Sleigh Bells Ring, and The Thinnai beckons!