Jaffna does not yield just a fun and entertaining holiday for travelers anymore. With the advent of ‘The Thinnai’, a new All Suite Boutique Hotel in the city, holidaymakers can also enjoy a de-stressing experience unlike any other.

The Thinnai has proven already that its objective is to take guest experiences to another level. The hotel has its own Farmhouse located just 15 minutes away in Chunnakkam where it grows its own organic vegetables and fruits on an area spanning 10 acres.

Here, one will find the Saantham Experience Center that conducts Yoga and Meditation classes as well under the guidance of professional instructors. Given that the art of yoga is a mix of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Dharma traditions, Sri Lanka’s north is home to the best of yoga practices that are shared among its people.

The Thinnai invites guests to request for customized wellness packages that allow them to derive an exceptional experience to heal the body and mind. Conducted in peaceful, lush surroundings of the farmhouse, guests really do feel the effects of de-stressing, while also being pampered by the benefits of healthy eating from its on-site kitchen.

Completing this concept is the accommodation provided at the farmhouse for guests who wish to truly indulge in this serene way of life as part of their holiday in Jaffna.

A novel experience that offers guests the best of both worlds, The Thinnai’s Yoga and Meditation package is certainly worth a try.