Picturesque landscapes, lush jungles, sun-kissed beaches, ancient temples, mouthwatering cuisine, impressive architecture… welcome to South Asia. As a melting pot of colour, life and culture that lures visitors to uncover the secrets within, it’s impossible to not be mesmerized by the adventure, solace, mystery and spirituality of South Asia that has entranced travelers for centuries. All South Asian countries have their own diverse cultures and traditions, which in particular, has made South Asia such an exotic region to explore. Be prepared to forge memorable connections, create unforgettable experiences and re-create your own beautiful story in your journey to any South Asian country.

One such South Asian country that has risen in massive popularity, predominantly over the past years is Sri Lanka. Dubbed as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka prides itself in being a perfect tropical getaway that is infused in rich culture, history and tradition. For such a small island, its impressive how many attractions are cramped into its compact area. From majestic mountains looming in the backdrop of ancient temples and timeless ruins to pristine beaches, wildlife safaris and bustling malls, Sri Lanka offers it all.

Sri Lanka tourism suffered a major setback owing to the 20 year civil war that plagued the country but now, the island is slowly but surely getting back on its feet and tourism has peaked up in the recent past. One such city that probably suffered the worst of the civil war was Jaffna. Set in the northern peninsula of Sri Lanka, Jaffna is blessed with a unique and intriguing identity. Arguably the city that is most heavily influenced by a convergence of traditions, Jaffna, which was once the stronghold of the Dutch, Portuguese and British is now home to Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim identities, personifying the co-existence that exists in this vibrant district.

A journey to Jaffna will relate the painful tale of the chaotic civil war that left an indelible mark in the city. At the same time, visitors cannot help but be impressed by the way this town in slowly rebuilding to be the proud city that it once was. Today, the center of Jaffna is bustling with quaint shops, a sprawling shopping mall, authentic restaurants and luxury hotels, welcoming visitors to experience the culture of Jaffna. From palm-fringed beaches and colonial-era suburbs to ancient temples and interesting ruins, the shady boulevard of Jaffna beckons its visitors to indulge in an experience unlike any other. An experience that is deep rooted in culture, history and tradition. An experience that is truly Jaffna.