On a recent visit to The Thinnai, a new All Suite Boutique Hotel in Jaffna in the North of Sri Lanka, it was a pleasant surprise to be informed about the option of visiting the hotel’s own organic farm.

The visit to the farm that can be reached in about 15 minutes from the hotel was a splendid experience. The landscape is the epitome of tranquility, celebrating all that is natural and giving back to the Mother Earth, rather than endlessly taking and wasting already spare resources.

The organic farm is spread across 9 acres of land and sees the growth of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs, some of which are utilized in the hotel’s kitchen. Cows, goats and free-range chicken are also reared at the farm to provide milk and eggs that furnish some of the dietary requirements of the guests.

Much of the product from the farm is used in the farm’s kitchen itself, as the farm comprises four varieties of bedrooms that can accommodate several guests overnight, and so they can enjoy the freshest and most natural produce brought in directly from the farmhouse garden.

The venue is tranquility personified with cool gazebos outside for a quiet read and also a Santham Experience Center where various activities such as distressing yoga, meditation and more, keep guests occupied. Another attractive feature of the Santham Experience Center is the Open Kitchen where guests can view meal preparations, converse with the kitchen staff and even partake in the preparations of they wish to do so. And added bonus in the culinary experience is the opportunity for guests to try their hand at preparing certain dishes themselves, with guidance from the chef.

It is a wonderful concept initiated by The Thinnai Boutique Hotel that gives prominence to the bounteous glory of nature. A Visit to the Thinnai has to be coupled with a stay at the Organic farm; it really is the best use of your time.