One cannot emphasize enough, the need to reduce our carbon footprint in all that we do as citizens of Mother Earth, even when holidaying. Not every holiday service provider out there worries about giving back and preserving the environment. Sadly, now many businesses value profit over preservation.

Happily though, there are a few businesses that operate with a conscience, and you’ll find such a place on your travels to Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. The Thinnai is a partially opened All Suite Boutique Hotel that has gone above and beyond to ensure that it gives back to Mother Earth, just as she has given to us.

Guests will find on arrival, signs at the Reception, and then in the suites and restaurant, detailing how they can contribute in their own way towards this cause. It is laudable that the hotel has actually taken steps to reward guests who take that extra bit of trouble to have a ‘green’ holiday.

All guests have to do is to approach the hotel Reception and say ‘I Love Green’, acceding that they want to be a part of the hotel’s ‘I Love Green’ campaign. When they do so, the Reception staff requests guests to reuse bed linen and towels, to avoid the wastage of water and electricity in Jaffna where water is so precious, and to reduce laundry cycles. In return, the hotel provides the guests who participate in the “I Love Green” campaign with free gift vouchers for every three days when bed linen and towels are reused.

All this is in addition to the hotel’s initiative of growing its own organic vegetables and rearing free-range chicken and cattle. What an extraordinary holiday experience in a place of breathtaking beauty! Holidaying with minimum damage to the environment, is what a true holiday should be. Choosing The Thinnai to stay at is the right choice for all the right reasons!