The Kokkadicholai Thanthimalai Sri Murugan Temple is built on the site that is believed to be the place where God Kandan first set foot in Sri Lanka, when he sailed to the island after completing a war against a demon.

The temple can be found along the border of the East Coast of Sri Lanka and it stands on 100 acres of land that include jungles, mountains and the beach. The temple is beautifully complete with accommodation halls, wells, toilets and yoga and meditation halls, while the jungle area is rife with animals such as wild boar, deer, peacocks and elephants.

The annual festival of the temple that honors God Murugan is in July; this year it begins on the 18th of July and carries on for around 15 days.  Each year, around 15,000 devotees participate.

The ceremonies in the festival are a devotional manifestation of the Hindu beliefs, and to whomever that wishes to get a taste of the local culture, this is a lovely opportunity to experience just that.

Spend a few days enjoying the unique surroundings and then drive up to Jaffna up north, as well, where one can indulge in-depth in the lifestyle of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Try their cuisine, feel the serenity and see the colorful historical sites that have contributed so much to the making of these people.

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So make a trip of it: let the Kokkadicholai Thanthamalai Sri Murugan Kovil Festival lead you on a journey of cultural discovery…..