Tourists and visitors to Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka almost always make it a part of their itinerary to travel to Delft Island about 30 km off the coast. The island has a population of approximately 4,500 people and can be visited by ferry, although it is also accessible by air.

The island has a wonderfully rich history dating back to the Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial period, in addition to the Chola Dynasty.

The ancient Nagadeepa temple on the Nagadeepa Island is located off the Delft Island, and many pilgrims simultaneously visit both each year.

Beginning your journey, you need to take a boat from the Kurikadduwan jetty and the journey to Delft Island takes about an hour. On disembarking there you will find very few shops as it is a fishing village, so make sure you pack your meals for the trip so that you’re not faced with the dilemma of hunger pangs with no way to appease them!

There are a few interesting places to see on the island, among which are the old Portuguese Fort made of coral and limestone with an old Dutch Hospital located right next to it, the Queen’s Tower used as a navigation landmark by the Dutch and also the largest tree on Delft Island with a 52 foot hollow trunk.

Do also grab the chance to see three archeologically-restored stupas in the north-western coast of the Delft Island. Tamil inscriptions on the stones of the stupa are said to date back to the 14-15 Centuries, while Brahmi script on the stones is considered to be from the 1-2 Centuries.

Nature lovers will also awed by the teams of wild horses roaming the islands, believed to be descendents of the animals released by the Dutch in the bygone era.

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